Thursday, August 27, 2009

a tiny remark

i was just thinking...wondering. And this is definitely a super random thought:

my grandparents, Andung dan Gaek..they are two different people! But they stayed so close to one another and could not bear without each other's company. They are a sweet sweet couple. But okay,,this was what i was thinking:
andung and gaek could stay together because they complete one another. Andung may not like to cook as most women do, but she cleans so well. And the cooking part,well that's Gaek's that's what i mean by they complete each other..

And as for my random thought.
i was thinking. Gw ini tercipta PEMALAS lho! I might as well confess now or regret later. Yes i am. I am lazy. berpikir utk masak aja males, gmn mau masak bnran? Then comes to cleaning, i am not the cleanest person alive! Sweeping and mopping? Err puhleasee as much as i'd love to use the tools, i'd rather not even touch them. Hahaha imagine what kind of guy would wanna be my husband rite??Lol i wonder too sometimes. but if there is one thing i might as well be proud of myself?? I would proudly say that I AM BRAVE! I am! Imagine living all by yrself in a whole 2 rooms apartment unit. Living here for over 6 months? Wouldnt u wanna be called brave?? Yea, i am all alone and by myself. But this is part of my learning. I learn to become independent and not rely on others. And this is what i love about myself. Is that im not afraid of what i go through. well, I wouldn't say i'm not afraid of anything, but so far..this is what i got.
Anyways,those are super random thought. Good nite all.

(this post is dedicated for the most amazing grandparents ever :) they're coming this 31st of Aug. although i know i might not be the most thrilling grandchild, but i love you both to bits :'))

Xo. Love, f.

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