Monday, August 17, 2009

i admire myself :)

i was browsing and cleaning up my USB device when i found a file. it is a video which i made almost a year ago. in December to be precise. i remembered i struggled through editing the video and i almost gave up. but if it was not for my motivation, hard working and loving heart that i could finish this video and actually showed it to someone who deserved it.
i could have post this somewhere in Facebook where everyone including the person i made the video to could see it, but i just don't have anymore guts. especially knowing i will definitely embarrased this person. enjoy :)

even though i miss the moment, but it is the people who helped out that i miss most!! :') it's crazy how Emily would crack me up everytime i see this vid. :D hahaha.
oh and i totally admire myself for doing a great job of editing was such a panick attack when i realized when i was doing the editing, i went on and converted the video to a program that could play it. but when i finally converted it, all the videos were only shown HALF WAY. i panicked i could not finish and post it on time for the birthday boy, but then again..i did stopped for a sec, and start over...and this is the result. i was so proud of myself! and still am! :D hihihiy.

lovee,, f.

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