Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i've pretended i was okay with all the situation.
i've grown to the fact that we are in a different status.
i've told myself i can totally get over you.
but infact...
to be honest,

I'm kinda missing you here..

*but this does not change the fact that i've felt more free and have less priority :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

desperately seeking attention ;)

and i know i love them to bits.
they are one heck of a family!
enjoy.. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

recent tricks

so maybe i've been enjoying too much of Jakarta till it had made me become a lazy blog updater :P.

so lets see what's been up lately..hmmm
point no.1: Jakarta's been a blast!
seeing old friends, meeting new ppl, getting together with my best friends and family had just been the best part of going back home. it's going to be too hard to leave this place again and actually start another new step ahead without the same people i used to work around with.

point no.2: there are new hook ups and break up.
i dunno why i'm pointing this out but suddenly i feel like i need to show off and celebrate.lol. congratz to miss Nands and mr. Shaog for coming out and telling the whole world they're finally an item ;). Shirley and Edo, which i apperently only knew about the news today (which by the way totally broke my heart that they didn't tell me) came out and celebrated on the 28th of June ;). i'm really totally happy for u guys and hopes a really great future out there for all of you:)
while the break up news..well,,let's just say things are definately a lot different between me and --you can guess who--lol. and i'm most definately having a ball! i feel free to do anything i like without worrying about someone who is worrying about me on the other side :) i'm living a peaceful life at the moment and thankfully it's enjoyable:)

point no. 3: a lot, i mean a LOT of people are breaking free from the lives they used to live. everybody's going their seperate ways and entering new phases of precious moments.
my sister left for Australia just today after we all had waved our good byes at Cengkareng yesterday to leave her and my parents flying to KL for a day to vote and now they're on their way to enter the new country with wonderfully new nerves. she's reentering a life phase where she's trying to cope with new surroundings and adapting to a whole different environment.
not only my sister is going through that phase, I will also be introduced to that phase by entering university this August. so does my friends around my age. i met a lot of them here in Jakarta and most of them are going off to different universities and escaping the high school lives to connect with Uni lives soon. some of the people i knew are also going off abroad for the first time for their Uni, and i can assure them that it will be a pretty tough time at first but will get used to everything else in the end. :)

point no.4: i really need to maximize the use of my times here in Jakarta.
PARAAAHH! i've only seen my bestfriend for only 2 times while i was here in Jakarta and having to meet a lot of old friends here sucks! i could only seen some of them once or twice. then made another plan with them which i know i couldnt make. it suckksss!!! i love my friends to death, and i wish i have more time to spend with them all :( huuaa wishh me luck as i schedules my days to meet people i love :)

point no.5: i dunno why and i just realized that i've been writing long posts while it is past midnight.haha i guess my brain works well these time of day. ;)
oh yea, we had a President Election Vote today and guess what? today was my first time being eligable to vote! :D i'm so excited to feel like whether it was only a small voice of mine, i could actually made something happen! it feels great when your voices are heard! hihihiy. SBY harus Lanjutkan! :)

*recent tricks: i've been reading some article about doing a magic trick and i've been learning some card tricks too. and it's so fun to performed it to my little cousins :)

xo, F.