Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pardon me, but I'm another step AHEAD! :)

so this is just a repost of what i wrote in my Facebook account.

Alhamdulillah bgt hari ini tepat jam 6 kurang barusan, tmnku bilang.. "yg Graduating udah di bb7 tuh! udah cek?" and i was like, HOLY SH***!! i got so nervous and she told me to check for herself as well, since she cant open the file through her computer. So right that very moment, i logged on: Portals.taylors.edu.my
checked the Announcement box, and there it was. "Graduates List June 2009." i panicked, while clicking the tab. and this was shown:

it told me to click on the attachment and see.
while chatting with my friend, i told her,,"OMGSHH!! IM SO NERVOUS TO SEE IT!!" and she was like, "yeaa! would my name be in there?" woww.
then i opened the attachment and scrolled down slowly...
Graduates List Morning Session:
and..there it was

huaa it made me panicked. then i checked everyone else that i know,,and they are also graduating like me!! i was soo excited!!! i called Emily right away, cuz she was the one who wasn't expecting a passing grade, since she thinks she screwed up her math exams! but noooooo...

she is graduating too! i wont let her NOT graduate with me, since after all...we go waayyyy back! ahaha!

anyways, this is to spread the joy to everyone! and for everyone who are graduating, CONGRATULATIONS!!! and please go to Portals to check whether your name is there! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Aftermath..

so, exams are done with and over. now i'm basically jobless and have nothing to do in this beautiful Subang to the Jaya!hahah. thankfully i had put up some lists of things to do in this very and extremely boring phase of life.
my First Plan
after exams, these are what i wanted to do:
  1. Clean my room! yes, studying and stressing out for exams are like the number one reason to leave your room a mess. I need to start picking up that broom and mop and start sweeping like i just don't care! hahah.
  2. Creambath! my hair is yelling out for treatment for over months now..and i really need to fulfill it's needs. Strawberry creambath, on the way! :)
  3. Work-out catch ups! Swimming pool is only about 4 floors down, and it's such a waste not to take my chance to enjoy it.
  4. Catching up with the TV shows! actually, there's only one show that i wanted to start watching and catching up. Skins, that Anna had requested me to watch.
  5. Take a power walk accross the city! yes, i do mean going and getting around the city while i've got the chance. Masjid Jamek and the Curve are the destinations to fulfill.
  6. Spent time with Emily Sugiarto since she's leaving and moving away. hmm yeap. since i wont probably see her much back in Jakarta. 
  7. Sleep Sleep and Sleep. Enjoying a good rest and catch up with nice dreams are never wrong to do when you're jobless.
then,, Emily has been spending her days and investing stuff over at my place, we decided to have something else planned. we have plenty of time til our ICPU Graduation on Thursday, 11th June, so we decided to waste it by touring around the city :)
our Second Plan
  • Saturday: Emily goes to BB with her friends, while I will be catching up with my first plan :)
  • Sunday: The Curve and IKEA.
  • Monday: ICPU Prom
  • Tuesday: Masjid Jamek and Pasar Seni 
  • Wednesday: Subang Jaya tour and Emily's last day to take photographs in our lovely Subang (TAYLOR'S sign, Reza in Starbucks.lol). My parents will be arriving on this day to come to my Graduation and takes care of my sister's move
  • Thursday: GRADUATION baby!! :) hopefully we'll all graduated with great marks. Amen.
those are our plan, but still dunno if we will actually do it all. but it's a pretty satisfying plan. :)

hearts, xo.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ANTOONNNN!!! pacarkuu


he is in the movie Terminator Salvation, and i was dropping dead at the cinema watching him :') 
i love him tooooo MUCH. sigh.