Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Revanantyo Muhammad Jangan tdr malem mulu, mkn yg teratur,jgn minum soda mlm" kalo blm mkn,istirahat yg cukup,sabar tinggal sebulan, u got to fight for what u want, bykin mkn buah biar ga sariawan, rajin" solat dan berdoa karena cm Allah yg bs bantu kalo udh bnr" mentok ok. Pasti bs kok tinggal sebulan lg aja ya.

Je vous remercie de votre bienveillante attention

wasn't expecting something like this to appear in my profile at any of these times,, but i'm glad its there :)
thanks again dear.

Monday, April 27, 2009

tonite we dreamed

there's nothing much to say tonite. this was the first time i'm writing again since a long long time. arr. it's 1:43 am and i'm still very much up and awake. still chatting with Reva and Uncle. pfft. hahaa
uncle is "ceramahin" me with stuff like, "u're only good at internet social skills, but no general knowledge." hahah its true..sure sure.. but pleaseee! ck ckk. also was saying about how i need to drink a big bottle of 100 plus tomorrow! BAAHAHA mau gw beser?! ampuunn.. funny dude that man.
Reva on the other side was admiring my work of making a logo for a product that i'm doing for my business leadership presentation. and saying that, those kind of stuff fits me ;) thanks Rev, wish i could pursue it later on in my life though. then he's blaberring about my ulcer and told me to use a medicine product that i never heard of the name. and he's calling me weird for that! ck ck.. some people just really don't know darling. please understand. hahaha

see, he still keep on saying, "seriously? u don't know? it's like really famous?!" hahaha Reva,, Reva. i do miss him.

i'm currently reading a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. i read only up to page 69, and i'm really enjoying it. such an adventourous story about a young man. thanks to Mr. Farshad Derakshandeh.. my business teacher who gave me this book :) very  very nice man. he gave it on the 21 April 2009. just a date to remember. heheh

well, i'm going to continue reading and continue living my life now,, which reminds me i need to go to beD!! woot.

niteeyy, :)