Monday, November 9, 2009

long time no see

HAI! ;)
long time no see eh? haven't even opened this blog for such a LONG time! anywhooo i promise ill update soon oh soon! and i need too! :)
alritey, that's all for now. mwah

xo, F <3

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a tiny remark

i was just thinking...wondering. And this is definitely a super random thought:

my grandparents, Andung dan Gaek..they are two different people! But they stayed so close to one another and could not bear without each other's company. They are a sweet sweet couple. But okay,,this was what i was thinking:
andung and gaek could stay together because they complete one another. Andung may not like to cook as most women do, but she cleans so well. And the cooking part,well that's Gaek's that's what i mean by they complete each other..

And as for my random thought.
i was thinking. Gw ini tercipta PEMALAS lho! I might as well confess now or regret later. Yes i am. I am lazy. berpikir utk masak aja males, gmn mau masak bnran? Then comes to cleaning, i am not the cleanest person alive! Sweeping and mopping? Err puhleasee as much as i'd love to use the tools, i'd rather not even touch them. Hahaha imagine what kind of guy would wanna be my husband rite??Lol i wonder too sometimes. but if there is one thing i might as well be proud of myself?? I would proudly say that I AM BRAVE! I am! Imagine living all by yrself in a whole 2 rooms apartment unit. Living here for over 6 months? Wouldnt u wanna be called brave?? Yea, i am all alone and by myself. But this is part of my learning. I learn to become independent and not rely on others. And this is what i love about myself. Is that im not afraid of what i go through. well, I wouldn't say i'm not afraid of anything, but so far..this is what i got.
Anyways,those are super random thought. Good nite all.

(this post is dedicated for the most amazing grandparents ever :) they're coming this 31st of Aug. although i know i might not be the most thrilling grandchild, but i love you both to bits :'))

Xo. Love, f.

Monday, August 17, 2009

i admire myself :)

i was browsing and cleaning up my USB device when i found a file. it is a video which i made almost a year ago. in December to be precise. i remembered i struggled through editing the video and i almost gave up. but if it was not for my motivation, hard working and loving heart that i could finish this video and actually showed it to someone who deserved it.
i could have post this somewhere in Facebook where everyone including the person i made the video to could see it, but i just don't have anymore guts. especially knowing i will definitely embarrased this person. enjoy :)

even though i miss the moment, but it is the people who helped out that i miss most!! :') it's crazy how Emily would crack me up everytime i see this vid. :D hahaha.
oh and i totally admire myself for doing a great job of editing was such a panick attack when i realized when i was doing the editing, i went on and converted the video to a program that could play it. but when i finally converted it, all the videos were only shown HALF WAY. i panicked i could not finish and post it on time for the birthday boy, but then again..i did stopped for a sec, and start over...and this is the result. i was so proud of myself! and still am! :D hihihiy.

lovee,, f.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kalian yang Terindah

so as a lot of people may already know..(or not), i have already graduated from ICPU, which means i should go straight doing a degree. and now here i am in the second week of University doing a degree called Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia Studies) under the courses of University of South Australia or in short, UniSA.
classes have already began, and at first i was in shock of how much assignments they gave out in just the first week of college. but then i realize, those teachers and councellors were not kidding about the whole, "This is a Degree! it is hard, bla bla bla." i need to keep my head straight now and considering about the future that holds for me.

anyways, when i went back to Jakarta i met with a lot of my high school friends. we went out a couple of times and enjoying the break that we all needed. they needed for a refreshment out of graduating high school, and me..well, for a refreshment of everything i had gone through in Malaysia. and before we all will go our seperate ways in University and College, we definitely will miss everything about high school and the lives we used to live before. it was finally the time to grow up and break out from our shells.

Dita Permata Ayu wrote this note as sort of a remembrance, a warning and as a memory all together. I definitely miss those guys in class that i love so much and only get to see twice a year or so :'(. this poem is called, Kalian yang Terindah (You guys are the most Beautiful)

ini saatnya kita menjalani hidup semakin berat, menuju suatu saat dimana kita menjadi hebat
ini saatnya kita membuat semuanya lebih berwarna, dengan suatu harapan disanalah harusnya kita berada
ini saatnya kita merasakan semua hanya biasa, tetapi kita butuh mereka
ini saatnya kita menerima semua perubahan yang ada, untuk menjadi manusia yang sempurna

mungkin ini gundah, mungkin ini resah
aku tidak menyangka begitu hebat kalian membuat pipi ini basah
mungkin ini kesal, mungkin ini sesal
berharap memutar waktu saat tawa bersama terasa kental

jangan berkata kita berpisah, kita hanya pindah ke tempat yang lebih indah
jangan berkata kita merana, kita hanya berusaha menjalani hidup apa adanya

kalian yang terhebat, sesuatu yang aku punya tanpa batas tanpa penat
kalian yang tercinta, sesuatu yang berharga untuk manusia sepertiku yang berharap esok akan ada
kalian yang tersayang, sesuatu yang menjinakkan amarah sesuatu yang membelai resah
kalian yang terindah, sesuatu yang tercipta dari segumpal darah yang sangat megah

thanks for tagging me in your note Dit, wish you and all of us the best of luck as we go on to our journey ahead. let's keep on reminding ourselves that Life is a journey, and everyday is full of new experiences ahead.

(IPA satu group--minus some people, after a day spent at Ruben's house 09.07.09)

love, Fida.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i've pretended i was okay with all the situation.
i've grown to the fact that we are in a different status.
i've told myself i can totally get over you.
but infact...
to be honest,

I'm kinda missing you here..

*but this does not change the fact that i've felt more free and have less priority :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

desperately seeking attention ;)

and i know i love them to bits.
they are one heck of a family!
enjoy.. :)